“🎉Beginners’ essential 🤩: 7 subtly tipsy fruit wines/beers 🥂 perfect for a casual get-together. Low alcohol content, no worries!~

by wpauserW7bBxHFE

Entering society, drinking 🍻 has now become a regular social activity. Work often involves unavoidable occasions for a drink. Workers, like me, may have the same thought—especially for ladies, learning to handle a little liquor can be handy when out and about~

For friends keen to learn drinking, don’t start with strong spirits 🥃; it could be very harsh on your stomach! You could begin with some sweeter, light alcoholic beverages. I’ve curated a list of slightly tipsy drinks great for casual consumption. Save it now! 📝

1664 Blanc Beer Can

How could you miss the famous 1664 Blanc! This fruity, low-alcohol beer, with just 5% alcohol, is perfect for those who aren’t regular drinkers but want to learn!

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Heineken 0.0

Heineken 0.0 is a unique non-alcoholic malt beverage. It has a rich, balanced flavor with a hint of fruit and malt, and the alcohol content doesn’t exceed 0.05%!

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Tiger Crystal

Tiger Crystal Beer is super refreshing ice-brewed beer that’s not too bitter. It comes with a subtle malt flavor and an incredibly fresh taste. Its alcohol content is just 4.2%!

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RIO 玻璃瓶水果味鸡尾酒

If you often watch Chinese shows/TV series, you’ll be familiar with RIO! It’s a 5% alcoholic fruit juice mix made with vodka, brandy, etc., with various fruit flavors. Flavors like peach, grapefruit, and orange make the taste less abrupt for beginners!

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Hoegaarden Rosée Beer

Hoegaarden Rosée is a pink fruity wheat beer. It has a very fresh aroma, with a slightly sweet taste, and its alcohol content is only 3%!

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Zhizun Yogurt Fruit Wine

Another fruit wine! Zhizun Yogurt Fruit Wine has a strong fruit aroma, a smooth and rich taste, and its alcohol content is only 6%, with a wide array of flavors to choose from!

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POGO Fruit Wine

POGO Fruit Wine uses quality fresh fruit as its base. It boasts bold flavor and process innovations, a strong fruity aroma, exceptional aesthetics, a smooth taste, and an alcohol content of just 4.8%!

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Above are the light drinks beginners can try out! Gather your friends and enjoy a drink together~~~

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